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Greenleaf Fisk Cemetery - The Greenleaf Cemetery was established in 1868.  Greenleaf Fisk gave five acres to the town for a burial place, and two and one half acres each the Pecan Valley IOOF Lodge No. 236, October 26, 1883, and to the Brownwood Masonic Lodge No. 141 AF and AM, December 3, 1883, making a total of ten acres for burial purposes.  There has been four additions to the cemetery since then and now has over 18,000 burials.  A section was set aside in 1958 for members of the Catholic denomination.  The cemetery was named Round Mountain and later renamed Greenleaf.  The Brownwood Garden Club built the present entrance.  During 1918 they averaged about four burials a day due to the flu epidemic.  At this time they had four crews digging day and night.

Buried in the cemetery is, Robert E. Howard, Author and Poet - Famous author in the early 1930's.  Creator of Conan the Barbarian and other writings. 

 Robert E. Howard

Dr. Mollie Armstrong - The first woman optometrist in the United States.

Dr. Mollie Armstrong

Greenleaf Fisk - The father of Brownwood. 

Greenleaf Fisk

Rufus F. Hardin - Born a slave and became one of the first teachers to the black community.  Hardin School was named in his honor. 

Rufus F. Hardin

Noah T. Byars - He came to Texas in 1835 and opened a blacksmith and gunsmith shop at Washington-on-the Brazos. The governor of Texas asked permission to hold a special meeting in Byar's shop which was the largest building in the area. It was in his crude blacksmith shop on March 2, 1836, that the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed.  He founded more than sixty churches in Texas,

Noah T. Byars

Gregoria Perez - He and his family were one of the first Mexican American families to settle in Brownwood. Many other famous local people are listed on the cemetery website.


Brown County Historical Commission - One of the responsibilities of the Brown County Historical Commission is to keep up with all the cemeteries in the county, some 51 of them.  With the help of the Brown County Historical Society, they inventory and record who is in the cemeteries, encourage Historical Texas Cemetery markers be applied for and placed in the cemetery.  Four cemeteries in Brown County are now designed as Historical Texas Cemeteries.  They are:  Eureka Cemetery, Staley Cemetery, Windham Cemetery and Zephyr Cemetery.   For a compete list of all the cemeteries in the county and where they are located, to to their website below.