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Brownwood Public Library's Local History and Genealogy Library - The Brownwood Public Library has made it easier for folks to do genealogy and historical research by opening the first ever "History and Genealogy Research Branch" of a public library.  By placing it across the street from the Brown County Courthouse and just two blocks from the Brown County Museum of History, it gives people an "all in one" place to do their research.

Brown County Museum of History - The Brown County Museum of History has research files for those doing genealogy work.  They have the Brownwood Bulletin's newspaper clipping morgue file with over 10,000 envelopes, the Lorene Bishop Collection and the Jessica Martin Collection.  They also have the Brown County Historical Society books on sale which features the history of many families in Brown County as well as cemetery burial listings.

Blanket Historical Museum - The Blanket Museum of History has several resources for those who are doing genealogy research for families that lived in Blanket, Texas.  The museum also houses a collection of local artifacts from the community including farm equipment, photos, part of the bay window from the old Smith/Nix house, and the safe from the former Blanket State Bank vault.

Brown County Historical Society - The Brown County Historical Society carries in print books on the history of Brown County and the families that were born, married, lived and died in the county.  These books are available for sale at the Brown County Museum of History and the Brownwood Library Genealogy Research and History Branch.  A list of the books can be found online and can be ordered by mail from the Historical Society.

Howard Payne University Walker Memorial Library - The Burress Genealogy Library is located in a special room in the Walker Memorial Library on the campus of Howard Payne University.  Extensive genealogy collections are available to the public for research.  Contact the library for more information and for access to these special collection.  All books in the Burress Library, which are own by the University, are listed on the library's online catalog.