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Brownwood Chamber of Commerce -The Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce promotes business, quality of life and tourism in our community and area.  The membership directs the plan of work, which is revised each year.  The year 2006 will be the 100th anniversary of the Brownwood Chamber.  Since 1906, the chamber has played a significant role in the progress of the community.  We have become the shopping, working, recreational and medical hub in Central Texas.  Brownwood has a population of over 19,700.

We have a listing of lodging and restaurants located in Brownwood and the Lake Brownwood area.


Feels Like Home - The Brownwoodtx.com website is Brownwood’s front door to the world.  This community website has provided information about Brownwood and surrounding communities since October 2001.  Promoting tourism is one of the main goals of the website.  The website is designed specifically for visitors to not only obtain information about our community, but to encourage them to visit or possibly consider Brownwood to be their home.  The three main sections of the website “We Are Brownwood”, “Call Brownwood Home”, and “Home Away From Home” each have specific information that a visitor can access to consider Brownwood as a destination city.  Here you will find calendars, directories, relocation data, history, recreation, and tourism information.


Early Chamber of Commerce -  The mission of the Early Chamber of Commerce shall be to promote positive business growth and retention while utilizing civic, cultural and community resources to enhance the quality of life for the City of Early, Texas.  We are the home of the Texas State Pecan Festival. We have over 250 members in our chamber.  Early has a population of over 2,600.  Heartland Mall is located in our community.

We have a listing of lodging and restaurants in Early, Lake Brownwood area and neighboring cities.


Bangs, Texas - Bangs is located on U.S. highways 67 and 84 six miles west of Brownwood in west central Brown County. The town was named for its location in the Samuel Bangs survey.  Bangs has a population of over 1,600.  In 1973, Bangs became the home to the "Terrellites" leader David Heze Terrell. Terrell was the leader of the New Testament Holiness Church and had big white tent revivals. Workers have unearthed bones from a columbian woolly mammouth, while digging for a waterline and it is currently being excavated.

City of Bangs - P.O. Box 188 - Bangs, TX 76823-0188 - 325/752-6223